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D2L is the Learning Management System (LMS) on campus, and is used for most online courses at PSU. 

Media Space is used to store and share videos and other multimedia. Anyone with a PSU account can use Media Space-- it's like YouTube with more options. Upload videos, audio, image files and more.

Turnitin is an anti-plagiarism tool that can be used with the D2L dropbox, or as stand alone software. It comes with grading and paper annotation software as well.

Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing software designed for classrooms. You can interact with your students over the web, via video, audio, screenshare and chat.

Google Apps for Education is a large collection of tools, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, YouTube, Sites, and much more. This site hosts limited information about Google Apps, as Google maintains an extensive support site, and the apps themselves change frequently.

PebblePad is the new ePortfolio platform at PSU. Tutorials are currently in development, watch for updates!

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Knowledge Base

  1. PebblePad: Pebble+ 

    1. Create a New Page in Pebble+
    2. Create a New Portfolio
    3. Share an Asset with Other PebblePad Users
    4. Organize Your Assets with Tags
    5. Create Custom Page Banner in Pebble+
  2. D2L Getting Started 

    1. FEEDBACK: New to PSU?
    2. Log in to D2L
    3. Activating Your Course: Make Your Course Visible to Students
    4. Change Course Start and End Dates
    5. Upload Syllabus to D2L
  3. Turnitin via D2L 

    1. Feedback: How is Turnitin Helping You in Your Course?
    2. Configure Turnitin Settings via D2L Dropbox
    3. View Turnitin Reports via D2L Dropbox
    4. Enter a Score in Turnitin and Sync to D2L
    5. Create a Turnitin Folder for Students to Self-Check Drafts
  4. Turnitin Via Single Sign On 

    1. Getting Started with Turnitin via Single Sign On
  5. D2L Course Content 

    1. Create a Module (Course Content Folder)
    2. Create a Sub-Module
    3. Upload a File to a Module
    4. Create a Content File in D2L
    5. Link to a Quiz, Discussion, or Dropbox from Course Content
  6. D2L Discussions 

    1. Create New Discussion Forum
    2. Create New Discussion Topic
    3. Restrict Forum or Topic to Group
    4. Make Posts Invisible to Students Until They Post
    5. Require Moderator Approval for Posts
  7. D2L Dropbox  

    1. Create New Dropbox Assignment Folder
    2. Organize Dropbox Folders with Categories
    3. View Submitted Dropbox Files
    4. Link Dropbox Assignment to Grade Item
    5. Grade and Give Feedback for a Dropbox Assignment
  8. D2L Quizzes 

    1. Create New Quiz
    2. Create Quiz Questions
    3. Activate Your Quiz
    4. Grading a Quiz
    5. Link Quiz to Grade Item
  9. D2L Grades  

    1. Grade Items and Categories Overview
    2. Grades Settings Overview
    3. Add a Numeric Grade Item
    4. Link Activity to Grade Item
    5. Create an Extra Credit Grade Item
  10. D2L Course Home 

    1. D2L Mail Tool Overview
    2. Minibar and Personal Settings Overview
    3. Calendar Tool Overview
    4. Add Homepage Widgets
    5. Create Custom Widget
  11. D2L Classlist 

    1. Looking up Withdrawn Students
    2. Compare D2L Classlist with Banweb
  12. D2L Groups 

    1. Create New Group Category
    2. Enroll Users in a Group
    3. Setting up Self-Enrollment for Groups
  13. D2L Checklist 

    1. Create a Checklist
    2. Create a Checklist Category
    3. Create a Checklist Item
    4. Preview a Checklist
    5. Add a Checklist to Course Content
  14. D2L Class Progress 

    1. View Class Progress
    2. View Class Progress from Classlist
    3. View a Specific Assignment from Class Progress
    4. View How Much Time Students Spend with Content
  15. D2L Surveys 

    1. Create a New Survey
    2. Publish a Survey to Course Content
    3. Preview a Survey
    4. View Survey Results
  16. Media Space Getting Started 

    1. Log in to PSU Media Space
    2. Media Space Permissions Overview
    3. Add Video Link from Media Space to D2L Course Content
    4. Change Player Speed
  17. Media Space Channels 

    1. Create a Channel
    2. Add Video from My Media to a Channel
    3. Upload Video or Other Media to Channel
    4. Add a Member to Your Channel
    5. Channel Member Roles
  18. Media Space My Media 

    1. Upload Video or Media Item to My Media
    2. Make a Video or Media Item Private
    3. Turn Comments Off or On
    4. Add Search Tags to Media
    5. Upload Video to Media Space from YouTube
  19. Media Space Playlists 

    1. Create a Playlist
    2. Add Media to a Playlist
    3. Remove Media from a Playlist
    4. Share a Playlist with Embed Code
    5. Reorder Items in a Playlist
  20. Media Space CaptureSpace Lite 

    1. Install CaptureSpace Lite
    2. Create a Webcam Recording
    3. Create a Screen Recording
    4. Create a Voice Recording
  21. Media Space D2L Widgets 

    1. Add Media Space Widgets to Your Course Home
    2. Publish Media to the Media Gallery Widget
    3. Enable Moderation for the Media Gallery Widget
    4. View My Media from D2L Course Content Quicklink
  22. Media Space Video Editing 

    1. Trim a Video
    2. Create a Video Clip
    3. Allow Other Users to Create Clips of Your Video
  23. Media Space Video Quiz Tool 

    1. Create a Video Quiz
    2. View Video Quiz Scores and Analytics
  24. Blackboard Collaborate 

    1. Create New Collaborate Session
    2. Invite a Guest to your Collaborate Session
  25. Google Hangouts 

    1. Google Hangouts on Air via YouTube Live
    2. Getting Started with Google Hangouts
    3. Tips to Minimize Connection Issues in Google Hangouts
  26. Gmail 

    1. Send an Email to your Classlist Using Google Groups
  27. YouTube 

    1. Share YouTube Videos on D2L
    2. YouTube Privacy Settings
    3. Create a Co-Managed YouTube Channel
  28. All articles 

    1. Minibar
    2. Send an Email to your Classlist Using Google Groups
    3. Add a Picture to Your Profile
    4. View as Student
    5. Log in to PSU Media Space
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