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Find step-by-step tutorials for managing your course in D2L, using Google Apps for Education, information about multimedia tools, and more.

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Knowledge Base

  1. D2L Activities > Checklist  

    1. Checklist Tool Overview
    2. Create a Checklist
    3. Create a Checklist Category
    4. Create a Checklist Item
    5. Preview a Checklist
  2. D2L Activities > Discussions 

    1. Discussion Forums and Topics Overview
    2. Create New Discussion Forum
    3. Create New Discussion Topic
    4. Restrict Forum or Topic to Group
    5. Make Posts Invisible to Students Until They Post
  3. D2L Activities > Dropbox 

    1. Dropbox Tool Overview
    2. Create New Dropbox
    3. Create Dropbox Category
    4. View Submitted Dropbox Files
    5. Evaluate a Dropbox Submission
  4. D2L Activities > Quizzes 

    1. D2L Quiz Tool Overview
    2. Using the Question Library Overview
    3. Advanced Quiz Grading Options Overview
    4. Advanced Quiz Tool Features Overview
    5. Create New Quiz
  5. D2L Activities > Surveys 

    1. Survey Tool Overview
    2. Create a New Survey
    3. Publish a Survey to Course Content
    4. Preview a Survey
    5. View Survey Results
  6. D2L Course Content 

    1. Course Content Overview
    2. Create a Course Content Description
    3. Create a Module
    4. Create a Sub-Module
    5. Add Content to a Module
  7. D2L Course Home 

    1. Course Homepage Overview
    2. D2L Mail Tool Overview
    3. Minibar and Personal Settings Overview
    4. Calendar Tool Overview
    5. Activate Custom Homepage
  8. D2L Grades > Grades 

    1. Grade Book Setup Overview
    2. Grade Items and Categories Overview
    3. Grades Settings Overview
    4. Add a Numeric Grade Item
    5. Create an Extra Credit Grade Item
  9. D2L Grades > User Progress 

    1. User Progress Tool Overview
    2. View User Progress
    3. View User Progress from Classlist
    4. View a Specific Assignment from User Progress
    5. View How Much Time Students Spend with Content
  10. D2L People > Classlist 

    1. Classlist Tool Overview
    2. Add Participants
    3. Find the ODIN Username of a Student in Your Course
    4. Enrollment Roles
    5. Looking up Withdrawn Students
  11. D2L People > Groups 

    1. Groups
    2. Create New Group Category
    3. Enroll Users in a Group
    4. Setting up Self-Enrollment for Groups
  12. D2L Getting Started 

    1. Getting Started with D2L Overview
    2. Log in to D2L
    3. Activating Your Course
    4. Copy an Entire Course
    5. Copy Part of a Course
  13. Gmail 

    1. Send an Email to your Classlist Using Google Groups
  14. Google + 

    1. Activating your Pdx.edu Google + Account
    2. Create a Google Circle
  15. Google Drive 

    1. Using Google Drive to work on a group project
  16. Google Hangouts 

    1. Getting Started with Google Hangouts
    2. Google+ Hangouts On Air
    3. Starting Google Hangouts & Hangouts on Air (step by step)
    4. Tips to Minimize Connection Issues in Google Hangouts
  17. Blogger & Google Sites 

    1. Creating a Simple Blog or ePortfolio in Google Blogger
    2. Adding a header image to your Google blog
    3. Permissions and transferring ownership of your Google blog
  18. YouTube 

    1. Create a YouTube Channel
    2. Copyright and YouTube
    3. Accessing Closed Captioning for YouTube Videos
    4. Using CaptionTube to create captions for your YouTube video
    5. How to Upload, Share, and Record Videos on YouTube
  19. Video Production 

    1. Canon VIXIA HF M500 Video Camera: Setting the White Balance
    2. Canon VIXIA MF M500 Video Camera: Setting the Camera to record in MP4 Mode
  20. All articles 

    1. Activating your Pdx.edu Google + Account
    2. Creating a Simple Blog or ePortfolio in Google Blogger
    3. Using Google Drive to work on a group project
    4. Canon VIXIA HF M500 Video Camera: Setting the White Balance
    5. Minibar
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