Google Hangouts on Air via YouTube Live

The functionality of Google Hangouts on Air has moved to YouTube. Use Google Hangouts on Air to record and broadcast a Google Hangout.

  1. Before you begin using Hangouts on Air, you will need to verify your YouTube account.
  2. From here, follow this link to create a new Hangouts on Air event.
  3. Under Basic Info, create a Title, and pick a start time.
  4. Be sure that the Type option is set to Quick (using Google Hangouts on Air).
  5. In the privacy settings drop down menu on the right, select a Public, Unlisted, or Private.
    • An unlisted event is viewable to anyone with a link to the event, while a private event is viewable only by people you share the event with.
  6. Click the Go Live Now or Create Event button when you are ready to start or save your event.

NOTE: Your recorded video will upload to your YouTube channel once you leave the Hangout on Air.

For more resources, visit Google Support.

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