Use Turnitin to Annotate D2L Assignment Submissions with GradeMark

A secondary feature of Turnitin is a nifty grading and annotation tool, called GradeMark. You can use GradeMark to share in-line comments and feedback with your students. There are a few specific settings you'll need to make this work; this article only lists the steps needed to allow your students to view their GradeMark feedback in Turnitin, but not the Originality Report (the anti-plagiarism feature). 

Configure D2L Assignment Folder Settings

  1. From your D2L course, click on Activities and then Assignments from the navigation bar.

  2. Find your assignment folder in the list, and click the menu to the right of the title.
  3. Click Edit Submission Folder from the drop down menu.

  4. Click on the Turnitin tab.

  5. Make sure the box for Enable Turnitin for this folder is checked.
  6. Under the GradeMark header, set the GradeMark available to learners date. This is the date when feedback is released to students. 
  7. Click Save

Using the GradeMark Tool 

After your students have submitted their files to the D2L Assignments tool, they are processed automatically by Turnitin, unless you explicitly disable the automatic feature in the Turnitin settings. Once a report has been generated, you can use the GradeMark tool to leave feedback for your students. 
  1. From your D2L course, click on Activities and then Assignments from the navigation bar.

  2. Click on your assignment folder from the list to view submissions.
  3. In the Turnitin Similarity column, you should see a percentage next to a colored block for each submitted file. Note that it can take 10-30 minutes for a new submission to be evaluated. Click on the colored block to open Turnitin.

  4. Find the sidebar on the right of the page: Clicking on the blue icons opens the grading interface. If you need help using the feedback tools, see Turnitin's Grading Tools support article.
  5. IMPORTANT: In order for students to be able to see the comments and feedback you leave, you must enter a numeric score in the upper right. Turnitin only accepts whole number values. 
  6. Scores and feedback are saved automatically. Close the browser tab, and return to D2L when you finish. 

Make GradeMark Feedback Visible to Students

Your students can't see the GradeMark feedback you leave until scores are published in D2L. Scores entered into the Turnitin site are not automatically sent to D2L. You'll need to complete the following steps one student at a time.

  1. From your D2L course, click on Activities and then Assignments from the navigation bar.

  2. Click on the assignment folder that you want to assess.
  3. Scroll down to the list of file submissions.
  4. Click the Evaluate link to the right of a student's name.

    • If you have already entered scores, this link may say Published or Draft.
  5. Find the Turnitin Grademark section and click the two green arrows to the right of the Score if your Turnitin score does not show.

  6. Click the Use this score link to transfer the Turnitin score to D2L.

  7. In the right-hand column, scroll down to the Evaluation section. You should see a value in the Score box.

  8. Scroll down, and Click Publish or Save as Draft to save your score.
  9. Use the Previous Student or Next Student arrows to evaluate the next student.

Instructions for Your Students

When you've completed the previous steps, you can give these instructions to your students to view the Turnitin GradeMark report. Remember that the Originality Report (percentage score) isn't visible unless you've enabled that setting in the assignment folder Turnitin settings. 

How to View Assignment Feedback from Your Instructor in Turnitin

  1. From your D2L course, click on Activities and then Assignments from the navigation bar.

  2. Find your assignment, and click on View link the Feedback column.
  3. Click on the icon in the Turnitin GradeMark column.

  4. In the new tab, agree to the Turnitin User Agreement if you haven't yet.
  5. Your instructor may have left in-line or general feedback. Use the question mark icon in the upper right corner if you need help using Turnitin.

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