Send an Email to your Classlist Using Google Groups

Send an Email to your Classlist Using Google Groups

Approximately two weeks before the start of each term, a Google Group is created for each course in Banner. These groups are maintained for 2 terms. You can use your class group to email all students enrolled in your course.

NOTE: This method is completely separate from D2L mail. Emails are sent directly to students' PSU Gmail accounts.

  1. Sign into your PSU Gmail account from
  2. Click the Compose button on the left.
  3. In the To field, type the course name.
    • Use the format "department abbreviation-course number-course section" (e.g. "ling-470-002").
  4. Select your course from the list by date (e.g. Winter 2015).
  5. Compose and send your email as needed.

For more information, see the OIT website article on Automatic Class Google Groups.

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