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  1. Activate Your Course: Make Your Course Visible to Students

  2. Add a Banner Image to Your Course Home Page

  3. Add a Member to Your Channel

  4. Add Homepage Widgets

  5. Add Media Space Widgets to Your Course Home

  6. Add Media to a Playlist

  7. Add or Remove a Student from Groups

  8. Add Search Tags to Media

  9. Add Video from My Media to a Channel

  10. Add Video Link from Media Space to D2L Course Content

  11. Allow Other Users to Create Clips of Your Video

  12. Best Practices for HTML Content and Accessibility in D2L

  13. Change Channel Owner

  14. Change Channel Privacy Settings

  15. Change Course Start and End Dates

  16. Change Player Speed

  17. Channel Member Roles

  18. Configure Turnitin Settings via D2L Assignments

  19. Copy Materials from Another D2L Course

  20. Create a Channel

  21. Create a Co-Managed YouTube Channel

  22. Create a Group Assignment (Dropbox) Submission Folder

  23. Create a New Multiple Choice Quiz

  24. Create a New Page in Pebble+

  25. Create a New Portfolio

  26. Create a Playlist

  27. Create a Screen Recording

  28. Create a Title and File Name

  29. Create a Turnitin Folder for Students to Self-Check Drafts

  30. Create a Video Quiz

  31. Create a Voice Recording

  32. Create a Webcam Recording

  33. Create an Individual Assignment Submission Folder (Dropbox)

  34. Create and Edit Auto-Generated Captions on Your YouTube Videos

  35. Create Custom Page Banner in Pebble+

  36. Create New Collaborate Session

  37. Create or Edit HTML Files (D2L-specific Web Pages)

  38. Create Permalinks to Library Content

  39. Enable Moderation for the Media Gallery Widget

  40. Enroll People in Your Course

  41. Enter a Score in Turnitin and Sync to D2L

  42. Feedback: How is Turnitin Helping You in Your Course?

  43. Getting Started with Blackboard Collaborate

  44. Getting Started with Google Hangouts

  45. Getting Started with Turnitin via Single Sign On

  46. Give a Student Extra Time or Attempts for a Quiz

  47. Google Hangouts on Air via YouTube Live

  48. Grade and Give Assignment (Dropbox) Feedback

  49. Hide Content Modules or Files from Students

  50. How to Grade a Discussion Topic

  51. Install CaptureSpace Lite

  52. Invite a Guest to your Collaborate Session

  53. Log in to D2L and Pin Your Classes to Homepage

  54. Log in to PSU Media Space

  55. Make a Video or Media Item Private

  56. Media Space Permissions Overview

  57. Organize Your Assets with Tags

  58. Publish Media to the Media Gallery Widget

  59. Release Calculated Grade to Students

  60. Release Quiz Answers to Students

  61. Remove Media from a Playlist

  62. Remove Video from Channel

  63. Reorder Items in a Playlist

  64. Send an Email to your Classlist Using Google Groups

  65. Set Alternate Text for Images

  66. Set Slide Order

  67. Set Up a Discussion Area for Your Entire Class

  68. Set Up a Group-Restricted Discussion

  69. Set Up Content for Your Course

  70. Set Up Grading for a Discussion Topic

  71. Set Up Grading for an Assignment (Dropbox)

  72. Share a Playlist with Embed Code

  73. Share an Asset with Other PebblePad Users

  74. Share YouTube Videos on D2L

  75. Student Instructions for Viewing Quiz Answers

  76. Tips to Minimize Connection Issues in Google Hangouts

  77. Trim or Clip a Video

  78. Turn Comments Off or On

  79. Upload Syllabus to D2L

  80. Upload Video or Media Item to My Media

  81. Upload Video or Other Media to Channel

  82. Upload Video to Media Space from YouTube

  83. Use the WYSIWYG Editor

  84. Use Turnitin to Annotate D2L Assignment Submissions with GradeMark

  85. View as Student

  86. View My Media from D2L Course Content Quicklink

  87. View Turnitin Reports via D2L Assignments

  88. View Video Quiz Scores and Analytics

  89. Write Math Equations Using the D2L Mathtype Editor

  90. YouTube Privacy Settings

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